3 Simple Ways Speakers Can Get More Paid Gigs

Most speakers – myself included – only ever admit they're going through "a bit of a quiet time" when the work is really dried up.  So when a friend asked me the other day if I had any secret hacks to getting more work, to my surprise four things came out of me but actually made a lot of sense. :)
The Power of Compound Interest
I have this idea that "Interest" in you or your ideas is the same as compound interest on your savings. When somebody wins the lottery quite often that money is soon gone. Similarly when someone wins "the Fame Lottery"  by appearing on reality TV or winning a sporting event, their "wealth" is also soon spent. But when you've worked hard over time and built recognition that doesn't go away overnight. 
I have this hand drawn picture to myself in front of my spin bike so that I'm reminded of how success works whenever I'm exercising. (The quote is from a book called "The War of Art" by Steven Pressfield. Get it today. Right now. It'll change your life.)
Firstly, when you go through a bit of a dry spell remember that this happens to everyone so don't stress about it too much, just go back to doing the everyday things you were doing when things were working well this. 
1. Learn About Linkedin
If there was one strategy I would recommend to any speaker, it's getting good at LinkedIn. It absolutely astounds me how many C-Suite people will happily linking with you when you've never met them before if you make the right approach - AND NEVER EVER SPAM THEM AFTERWARDS. Just let them hear about you and it all comes back over time. Promise.
Email me if you'd like my intro formula. 
Remember the people higher up the chain are the ones who actually approve conference line ups, and are also prone to swooning in at the last minute and saying "we are having this guy" or "let's go with this girl." There isn't enough room to do a complete explanation here, but invest time, energy and money into learning how to use LinkedIn properly. High-paid $250 for a course about three years ago and I estimate it's made me at least 100 grand since then.
2. Testimonial Trawl and Program Piggyback
This tactic is mildly sneaky but we all do it.
Have a look at other speakers in your niche this and see where they are speaking and who has given them testimonials on their website, recommendations on LinkedIn, etc.  Then get your people to send them an email or LinkedIn invitation, or even just ring them yourself, and say "I saw you had X Person at your annual conference this year, if they liked X they'd love Marty Wilson."  Then send them some of your information and marketing materials.
3. Release Videos That Make Your Ideal Client Laugh
The legend that is Gary Vaynerchuck talks in this interview about the idea that perfect way to engage with clients and cut through all the clutter on social media is to produce videos that make your ideal clients laugh. Create videos that people if you want to book you we'll see themselves in, and laugh out loud. 
When you can make someone laugh – particularly at a common enemy or a shared frustration – their brains are flooded with wonderful neurochemicals that's say to them this person understands me and my struggles.
Then the sales process gets much easier. Of course, if you'd like some help creating some funny just let me know...

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